Accidental Adventures

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America's fascination with Alaska began at the turn of the last century, when Jack London and John Muir captivated readers with their fiction and nonfiction stories--and continues today with such popular books as Into the Wild and the explosion of Alaska reality TV shows. In such a giant and forbidding place, people lose their way. They hurt themselves. Their equipment fails. They clash with wildlife. And in Alaska, one stroke of bad luck--one small mistake--can mean catastrophe. This book recounts twenty true misadventures, all but one told from the survivor's point of view. Its chapters describe getting lost in the wilderness, bear attacks, dead-stick landings, snowmobile mishaps , overturned canoes, and even escape from a steaming volcano. Told as cautionary tales, these chapters are not only a nail-biting good read on their own, but an illustration of the many perils of living, working, and recreating in the Last Frontier.