Ethics into Action

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More than twenty years after its first publication, Peter Singer's Ethics into Action continues to inspire new generations of activists through its portrayal of animal rights activist Henry Spira's radical combination of social pressure and tactical ingenuity. With a new preface from the author, this edition celebrates the continued importance of social movements and provides a path toward furthering changes in our world. Hailed by The New Yorker as one of the world's most influential living philosophers. Peter Singer is known as a founding father of the modern animal movement. In this book, he shares the remarkable story of how his friend pushed major corporations to stop inflicting needless suffering on animals. He thought of the problem as similar to squeezing toothpaste from a blocked tube. Consumer pressure was not going to be enough; to have a realistic change of success he also had to think about how to reduce the blockage. As people all over the world continue to struggle for justice, Spira's method serves as a proven model for effecting change and a positive example that can inspire all those striving for a better world, for humans and for animals. Book jacket.