What Happens in Tomorrow World?

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Bestselling author and TEDx speaker Jordan Gross's What Happens in Tomorrow World? offers a poignant, relatable, and necessary parable for navigating uncertainty.

What Happens in Tomorrow World? tells the story of the prizes found in a traditional arcade claw machine game, and what happens when one special player, Cayla "Catch" Alltoys, plays their game.

As Catch maneuvers the claw over, down, and around, four of the prizes face their own existential crisis of uncertainty as they face the possibility of being removed from their safe environment and thrust into the unknown "real" world. Each prize reacts in one of the four typical responses most people have to facing uncertainty. And it is through those reactions, and subsequent actions, that they--and we--learn how our own response to uncertainty can either help or harm ourselves, those around us, and society as a whole.

An urgently needed instrument for managing the anxiety and ambiguity we all face in our daily lives, this book will help readers thrive in challenging situations. 

Through this memorable story, you'll learn:

  • How to embrace the uncertainty all around us
  • Why no one response works in every single uncertain situation
  • Why various personality types require different responses 
  • How to identify the types of people who do well in uncertainty
  • Why it's crucial to prevent a negative response
  • Why those who are hyper-aware of uncertainty thrive in it
  • Why it's important to take action, no matter how uncertain you feel

In the spirit of Gibran's The Prophet, What Happens in Tomorrow World? presents readers a modern-yet-timeless, unique, and useful toolbox on how to confront and manage the overwhelming amount of uncertainty we face every day.