A Tale of Two Countries

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What author Richard Saillant calls Canada's Great Demographic Imbalance--"the highly uneven pace at which Canada's regions are aging"--policy analyst Donald J. Savoie, in his Foreword, calls "one of the country's most demanding challenges for the next two decades."

With a broad scope deeply anchored in demographics, A Tale of Two Countries focuses on Saillant's powerful argument: that the "twin forces of economic and demographic gravity" spell trouble for eastern Canada, and for the country as a whole, if we don't act now. First we must face a harsh truth: "the contrast is stark between have and haveless provinces and it is about to get starker." The result? Two distinct Canadas: one poorer, older; the other younger, dynamic. While the former struggles to weather the demographic storm, the latter, while maintaining a status quo, will have "little appetite" for bailing out the older Canada." Without a significant shift in perspective, Saillant argues, Canada will be a country torn apart.

With charts, extensive endnotes, and compelling arguments, A Tale of Two Countries is a must-read for those seeking an accessible, evidence-based policy analysis of Canada's uncertain future, recommendations for addressing its consequences, and their potential impact on all Canadians.