Backyard Beekeeping

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A how-to guide for a thriving hive--right in your own backyard

The benefits of beekeeping are abundant: better pollination in gardens, a fresh supply of raw honey, and the knowledge that you're supporting creatures fundamental to a healthy ecosystem. This guide will help make backyard beekeeping a breeze, describing the tools and supportive, sound advice to plan your first colony, care for your bees, and enjoy the harvest.

Suit up and get buzzing with an overview of some of the beekeeping gear you'll need, a look at the life of bees, and guidance for choosing the right hive. Find step-by-step instructions on hive assembly as well as advice on installing and feeding your bees. Learn when and how to inspect the hive, including tips on keeping your bees happy and healthy, and walkthroughs of different harvesting techniques. Then, discover the many uses of honey and beeswax with some tasty recipes and fun suggestions.

Backyard Beekeeping includes:

  • New bees on the block--Build a thriving backyard beehive with advice on planning outdoor space, planting the best blooms for a bee-friendly garden, communicating with your neighbors, and caring for your hive throughout the seasons.
  • What's the buzz--Explore a variety of beekeeping approaches and methods, like natural vs. medicated beekeeping, the differences among popular hive types, and tips for preventing swarming.
  • Sweet as honey--From Chile-Infused Honey and Honey Lemon Garlic Salmon to Beeswax Candles and Healing Herbal Salves, you'll find 15 delicious honey-based recipes as well as more than a dozen creative uses for beeswax.

With Backyard Beekeeping, you have everything you need to be a successful backyard beekeeper.