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Biology of Dogs

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You may be thinking, How can I take this book seriously when the subtitle starts with the word "gonads"? If so, you have probably not met Tim Lewis yet. Take it from Tim: Gonads are what biology is all about. They are the mechanisms that allow living beings to reproduce - and without reproduction, there's no life. Of course, there is way more to it than just reproduction. Biology of Dogs takes you on a series of tours through all the major biological systems - reproductive, nervous, musculoskeletal, digestive and more. Tim leads these tours in a fun and irreverent manner, offering insights that will enhance your dog-human relationships so much that you will abandon all of your human friends to spend more time with your dog! And for those of you who slept through your biology class in school, you will learn a lot of useful information about human biology as well. From The Foreword By Sue Sternberg If, like me, you did not approach the world like a scientist, you will experience a transformation after meeting Tim. Tim straddles the world of science and the world of experience, field-experts and lay people - he translates so we can all understand each other. Some of the changes you will experience after reading this book may be subtle, some more powerful, but all will likely affect not only the way you think, see, interact with, and understand your dog, but also how you see the world at large. Just when you think your relationship with your dog could not possibly get any better, along comes this book. Book jacket.