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Anthrax, E. Coli, avian flu -- read these stories to learn about the critical role veterinarians play in keeping us all safe From our animals to our environment to ourselves. Find out about the world of veterinarians and how they solve medical mysteries. SICK Curious tales of Pests and Parasites We Share with Animals offers a fascinating insight into lessons learned on the front-line of disease. From the discovery of West Nile Virus, to the monkey spreading Ebola virus, to tales of tuberculosis, rabies and Mad Cow Disease, these riveting stories are clear, engaging and easy to understand. Original line drawings help readers easily grasp the sometimes complicated travels of bacteria, viruses, and parasites. From funny, to sad, to downright terrifying, SICK reminds us that people and animals are truly connected by the company they keep. After reading this book, you will see your home, your environment and the animals in your life in a whole new light