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"Just astonishing . . . Our natural navigational capacities are no match for those of the supernavigators in this eye-opening book."--Frans de Waal, The New York Times Book Review

Publisher's note: Supernavigators was published in the UK under the title Incredible Journeys.

Animals plainly know where they're going, but how they know has remained a stubborn mystery--until now. Supernavigators is a globe-trotting voyage of discovery alongside astounding animals of every stripe: dung beetles that steer by the Milky Way, box jellyfish that can see above the water (with a few of their twenty-four eyes), sea turtles that sense Earth's magnetic field, and many more. David Barrie consults animal behaviorists and Nobel Prize-winning scientists to catch us up on the cutting edge of animal intelligence--revealing these wonders in a whole new light.