It's about You!

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The ultimate guide to understanding your magnificent multi-dimensional Self--so that you can begin living a fearless, fulfilling life of contentment.Why are you here in the physical world at this crucial and chaotic time for humanity? What if you were aware of your higher self's spiritual reasons for being here? What if you could fearlessly pursue those things that excite your passions without worrying about money or whether you are worthy of doing so? What does it take to fully express your Self?It's About You Know Your Self is the first book in a trilogy that integrates profound insights from a wide variety of physical and nonphysical sources of knowledge into a set of experiential workbooks.The primary aim of the trilogy is to make the reader consciously aware of the subconscious "spiritual" impulses that steer one's experiences in life.Such awareness brings clarity on the purpose of our current lifetime and why our Essence (higher) self presents us with certain challenges along the way. Essentially ( ) our Essence self has a few learning goals for this lifetime, all of which contribute to the overall expansion and evolution of our personal expression within Consciousness.Know Your Self, through its series of exercises, initiates a journey of gentle self-transformation that releases emotional and psychological obstructions on the way to consciously managing the key issues that affect our lives--self-worth, health, relationships, and our flow of abundance--enabling us to live a more fun-filled, altruistic way of life.In this newly edited, revised edition, you will discover the totality of your indivisible Self--from the fabulous resources of your Essence self, to the foibles, fears and wayward beliefs of your ego-self--and learn how to deal with your ego-self's challenges in a compassionate and forgiving manner.Know Your Self presents a new model of the Self, incorporating psychological aspects and "layers" to the Self offered in the Seth material and other channeled sources of wisdom. This new model allows the reader to understand better: the nature of your spiritual existence, how this provides the source energy for your physical existence, to feel more confident of your continued existence after physical death, and open a reconnection to the inner guidance of your Essence self.As the metaphysical character Seth reminds us: "The ego then, is only part of a much larger self, but because consciously you do not perceive the whole self you arbitrarily make it] a unit from a truly indivisible identity, and call this the "I." You succeed in cutting off, in theory, one portion of the self from the whole self."Seth, in Roberts, J. (1998) The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material. Manhasset, NY: New Awareness Network Inc. p.266. Know Your Self gives a clearer understanding of the root causes of the challenges and problematic events occurring in one's life--and crucially how to address such problems. A review of the first edition: "Our long dominant worldview of materialism is giving way in a shift in our individual and collective psyches awakening to a more spiritual knowing. Therefore, now more than ever before, we humans need teachers and guides grounded in an emerging truth we can trust. Johnson provides us here with an outstanding 21st-century metaphysical textbook to empower us to use more consciously our intention to change and enrich our lives and the reality we are manifesting."Professor Jon Klimo - author of Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources. Order your ego-self a copy now and begin awakening to your whole Self's magnific