Plant Pathology and Plant Pathogens

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An updated guide to plant pathogens and their management

The impact of plant disease is far-reaching. Its effects are felt not only in the spheres of agriculture and horticulture, but also in human health and wellbeing. The challenges of population growth, climate change and global food security all increase the need to protect crops from disease and reduce the losses caused by plant pathogens. This requires ongoing research and novel solutions, making the detailed analysis offered by Plant Pathology and Plant Pathogens more relevant than ever.

Striking a balance between laboratory- and field-based aspects of its subject, this revised fourth edition of the text places plant disease in a wide biological context. Its contents cover causal agents and diagnosis, host-pathogen interactions, and disease management, including breeding for resistance, chemical, biological and integrated control. New to this edition are updated sections on molecular epidemiology, biosecurity, pathogenomics, and the biotechnological advances that are helping scientists make great strides in the fight against plant disease.

  • Authored by a leading authority on plant pathology
  • Offers new coverage of recent advances in molecular genetics and genomics, biotechnology, and plant breeding
  • Places emphasis on interaction biology and biological concepts, such as immunity and comparisons with animal systems
  • Includes access to a supplementary website featuring slides of all figures in the book

Plant Pathology and Plant Pathogens is an ideal textbook for graduate and upper-level undergraduate students in biology, botany, agricultural sciences, applied microbiology, plant-microbe interactions, and related subjects. It will also be a practical and enlightening resource for professionals in agricultural institutions, along with crop consultants seeking additional training or information.