Creative Garden Design: Patterns

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Creative Garden Design: Patterns is a unique and practical reference for creating mood, proportion and scale in the garden. 

Its more than 500 photographs reveal the hidden patterns in plants, gardens and the wider landscape to inspire plans for gardens of all sizes and illustrate how to appreciate the styles of design in larger gardens andparks.

Explore the influences of pattern in design and thepeople who made them and gain a greater understanding of the roles of color, texture, shape and perspective in the garden.

Each chapter explores a different theme of garden pattern, including:
* Plants with Pattern: Leaf Shape and Texture
* Patterns within Layouts: Symmetrical and Formal
* Patterns with Plants: Borders and Bedding
* Patterns in Landscape: Paving and Walls
* Water Patterns: Pools and Streams

Additional features include profiles of patterns ingarden design history from abstract to Islamic gardens.

A complete visual delight, Creative Garden Design:Patterns is a classic work that deserves pride of place on every garden designer's bookshelf.