The Fiber Effect

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The Fiber Effect presents a whole new way in thinking about diet and nutrition by focusing on fiber intake.

Want to lose weight? Eat more fiber. Looking to lower cholesterol? Eat more fiber. Need to reduce your risk of colon cancer? Eat more fiber. Want to prevent diabetes? Eat more fiber. Want to stop overeating? Eat more fiber. Eat more fiber. Want to live longer? Fiber is the answer. And yet there's been little discussion on fiber, at least compared to calories, sugar, and fat, and its effect on nutrition. Most Americans also only get 17 grams of fiber a day when the recommended (minimum) amount ranges from 28-35 grams a day. The Fiber Effect provides everything you need to know about fiber, from which types of food have it in abundance to the different types of dietary fiber and their benefits. With The Fiber Effect, one can focus on feeling healthy every day. Meal plans, tips, and over 40 recipes are also included.