The Negative Thoughts Workbook

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A proven-effective CBT approach to help you break the cycle of repetitive negative thinking

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, or shame, chances are you also experience unwanted, distressing, and repetitive thoughts. If you're uncontrollably drawn to worry, resentment, rumination, regret, remorse, or other types of negative thoughts, it can feel like you're trapped in a cycle of addictive thinking. And when you attempt to suppress your thoughts, your dysfunctional thinking patterns only escalate, worsening the symptoms of your disorder. So, how do you break free from this 'mind trap?'

The Repetitive Negative Thoughts Workbook offers a step-by-step program to help you target your overwhelming negative thoughts, and develop skills to effectively cope with harmful thinking. Written by a renowned cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) psychologist, this practical guide is the first of its kind to offer a transdiagnostic, CBT-based approach to managing the distressing thoughts that drive your emotional distress. Using the easy-to-follow instructions and activities in this evidence-based workbook, you'll learn to break the cycle of addictive thinking so you can finally experience some peace and relief.

You are not condemned to a life of constant, chaotic, or disturbing thoughts. There is shelter from the storm inside your head. If you're ready to change your thinking--and your life--this book will show you the way.