Thriving Mind

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Discover the essential ingredients for a happier, healthier life

We all want to lead a good life, but the demands of modern life often leave us feeling overwhelmed and burned out. We strive to achieve so much, but our ability to care for ourselves, our mental wellbeing and relationships are all suffering. In Thriving Mind, best-selling author Dr Jenny Brockis offers a comprehensive, in-depth framework to help you reset your operating system and create a more sustainable, healthy and fulfilled self.

This grounded, science-based, thought-provoking guide will show you how to:

  • rediscover yourself and your purpose
  • de-stress, get healthy and sleep better
  • become mindful to enhance the everyday
  • build a lifestyle that will help you truly thrive
  • create deeper connections at work, at home and beyond.

Whether you're ready for a deep change, or simply to embrace some new ideas, Thriving Mind will show you what's possible in your life, and give you a clear and practical roadmap to get there.