Your Brain Explained: How Your Brain Works, and Why It Works That Way

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Curious about how neurons work? How anxiety affects your brain? How to use Jedi mind tricks in real life? This witty, educational book from an amazing neuroscientist and clinical psychologist team covers the amazing universe of the human brain in fun, awe-inspiring detail.  

Neuroscientist Alie Caldwell and clinical psychologist Micah Caldwell created the Youtube channel Neuro Transmissions in 2015 to make learning about the nervous system as entertaining and fascinating as the brain itself. Their first book will have you ditching the textbooks and having fun while learning about the organ that makes you who you are. 

This book will answer questions about anxiety, memory, the subconscious, and so much more- helping you understand your own mental processes and opening avenues for self-improvement and development. 

With two amazing authors and an unbelievable amount of amazing information, Your Brain Explained is sure to be one of the most cherished STEM titles on your bookshelf for years to come.