Biodynamic Wine Growing

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Wine growers are converting to biodynamic viniculture in record numbers. Some of the world's best wines are now biodynamic.At its heart, biodynamic viniculture is about understanding the nature of vines and their relationship to the environment. This beautifully illustrated and informative book will be of interest to current biodynamic wine growers and those considering converting to biodynamic methods. It includes: -- an introduction to the theory of biodynamic viniculture and the Goethean method of observation in relation to vines;-- practical articles on all aspects of wine growing, including biodiversity, pruning, treating and preventing disease; -- case studies of biodynamic vineyards from around the world.Biodynamic wine expert Jean-Michel Florin has gathered contributions from biodynamic viniculturists to create a beautiful, full-colour book which is both a celebration of sustainable wine growing and an invaluable guide to the future of wine cultivation.