The Joy of Birding

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The ideal illustrated companion for becoming a successful bird watcher.
If you've ever been intrigued by chirping in the treetops or wished you could attract more bird life to your front porch, The Joy of Birding is for you. This colorful and unique guide combines the best of all birding books--it offers basic instructions for beginning birders, a key for identifying popular birds, and tips for attracting beautiful winged visitors to your neighborhood and backyard.
Author Kate Rowinski shows readers how to:
  • Find and use markings, wing shape, beak shape, and size to identify birds
  • Understand bird behaviors
  • Recognize specific songs and calls
  • Photograph birds in flight and repose
  • Share the pleasure of bird-watching with others
  • Vacation where birds are bound to be

Reading it is almost as much fun as birding!