Independent Study That Works

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Independent study programs aren't for the "best" students; they are populated by students at their best.

Student disengagement from school is a trending concern, and many schools have turned their attention to independent study programs as a way to nurture student motivation and creativity. But where to begin?

Geraldine Woods offers a practical, step-by-step guide based on her experience designing and directing the much-admired independent study program at the Horace Mann School. Under the supervision of teachers, students embark on a remarkable variety of projects and become teachers themselves, conducting seminars with their peers along the way to preparing their final product--which could as easily be an interactive website or musical composition as a research paper. Woods' book details the nuts and bolts of the approach and shows how to customize it for a variety of age groups, budgets, and curricular requirements. It is a gift to all educators--including homeschooling parents--who want to give students the freedom to pursue their interests.