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Mini Encyclopedia of Chicken Breeds and Care

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A comprehensive and richly illustrated guide to keeping chickens.

Keeping chickens became very popular 15 years ago when cities eased restrictions and small-scale farmers in cities and in the country relished the flavor and nutritional benefits of free-range eggs, and the meat of chickens that lived a good life - away from factory farms.

Now the inflation in food prices gives new impetus to growing your own, and that's especially true of chickens. This book is packed with sensible advice and practical guidance for all aspiring poultry keepers.

It explores all aspects of keeping chickens, including housing, day-to-day management, feeding, breeding, chicken behavior and - for those who take special pride in their breeds - showing at fairs.

Part One: Practical Section contains information on selection of breed, housing, management and feeding, eggs, breeding chickens, understanding chicken behavior, health care and showing birds.

Part Two: Chicken Breed Profiles shows and describes breeds from Ancona to Yokohama (light breeds), and from Australorp to Wyandotte (heavy breeds), plus bantams and game breeds. Each breed is described in words and color photographs.

This is a down-to-earth and useful book that can get anyone started on keeping chickens - or continuing with chickens but doing it better.