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The Joy of Keeping Horses

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Learn to keep horses happy and healthy on your own land.

To a horse lover, there is no more appealing sight than horses standing or moving around a pasture or more appealing sound than the soft nickering as you approach the horse's stall. And then there's riding, whether competitively or for pleasure. And what could be more satisfying than to enjoy such sights, sounds, and activities on your very own property?

As the expense of commercial stabling and training increases, a growing number of property owners throughout the country have taken to acquiring and maintaining "backyard" facilities. To that goal, horse owner and keeper Jessie Shiers provides a clear and comprehensive, profusely illustrated, user-friendly guide for first-timers. Among the subjects covered are:
  • Searching for a farm that's right for you
  • Barns, equipment, paddocks, and arenas
  • Finding a horse
  • Horse care, feeding, and nutrition
  • Handling and riding
  • And much more

Whether you've always dreamed of owning your own horse or you--or you and your children--have just discovered the pleasures of riding, The Joy of Keeping Horses is the indispensable guide to putting you on the right track.